DStar 101, or How do I do that in DStar?

Welcome to DStar 101.

Ever wondered "How can I do ?" in DStar.

There is an awful lot of information out there on the internet, but it's scattered across miriad websites, that are sometimes not maintained or are just not upto date.
The information is usually "dry", no real world documentation.

The idea is to gather together real world information from Radio Hams who have "Done it".
This website is going to depend upon your contributions.

There are many other ways of effecting the same solutions as presented here, using other software and hardware. If a solution is not listed, it's because it hasn't been tried or documented yet.
Your contributions are welcome, wanted and needed. Don't be shy, a simple layman terms write up of what you have done, with maybe a couple of screenshots is suffice. Spread the knowledge, it is after all what Amateur Radio is all about.